Eastern Europe Advocacy Team Trip

Nov 11 2022 - Nov 20 2022
Benefits for the Goer
Goers can be refreshed and rejuvenated in their personal walk with the Lord as well as their ministry by having people who know and love them come to visit. Being prayerful, listening attentively, and being willing to engage in their life overseas blesses the goers and their team.

Benefits for the Advocacy Team
Support updates and video calls provide a window into your goers’ world, but those things will never be able to provide a full view of their life. Visiting allows your Advocacy Team to gain valuable context and personal engagement with a goers’ ministry, national friends, team members, and culture that allows you to better understand, pray for, and advocate for your goer and their team.

Pat Coyle, a missionary care pastor at Grace Bible Church in College Station, TX, expresses it this way: “We need to sit around every worker’s kitchen table every three years. We have heard again and again from our workers how important it is that we came. It deepens our sense of connection and increases their willingness to communicate when there is a problem.


Global Missions
Robin Ten Eyck
(281) 253-9553



Due 11/11/2022


Trip Brief




  1. Advocacy team member


  1. Heart posture be rooted in humility
  2. Care for goer


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