South Asia

Jun 2 2023 - Jun 11 2023


Join us this summer as we serve alongside long-term workers in South Asia and share the gospel among some of the world’s most unevangelized people groups! You will be working with an organization that is a Christ-centered caste reconciliation movement committed to spiritual and social freedom for South Asia's oppressed. They focus on reconciling the world’s largest collection of unreached people groups to each other and to God and to establish the Kingdom of Jesus amongst these oppressed castes.

In South Asia, two of the lowest castes in society, one of which is the largest collection of UPGs in the world, have been entirely neglected by the church but one of the castes have responded in mass to the gospel. The team works to reconcile the two caste groups. 

Throughout history one caste group has been the primary persecutor of the other in order to lift themselves up and make them higher. The problem is that, according to Hinduism, they are slaves of the higher castes and they can never become upper-caste themselves. By sharing the truth of the gospel with them, we hope for them to see the folly of their ways and, in order to make themselves higher, they should instead reconcile "down" the caste system in order to escape it and overturn it.

What's Expected 

The basic message shared is that the caste system is a system of slavery and those in it can never aspire to anything other than slaves in that system. To break free, they must build the kingdom of Jesus and that can only happen when they repent of their aspirations for upper-caste status and instead reconcile with the brothers and sisters they are persecuting.

To demonstrate this message, the ministry partners wash the feet of the lower caste and explain that Jesus modeled his kingdom by washing the feet of his disciples, and that they should in turn wash the feet of those they persecute to overturn the caste system and fully establish the kingdom of Jesus. The team could do three to four foot washings over the trip. 

Trip Leaders

Being a short-term mission trip leader is a rewarding experience. It makes you a part of the Great Commission, letting you respond to God’s call to the nations in a sacrificial way while also shepherding a group of people. Check out the benefits and expectations here. If you are interested in being a trip leader, you apply through the application and complete the "Trip Leader" question section. 


Safety protocols will be developed based on the guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US State Department posted on The Austin Stone trips website for regular access.

15 going


College Adults
Robin Ten Eyck
(281) 253-9553



$675.00 25% Goal Due 3/27/2022
$1,350.00 50% Goal Due 4/17/2022
$2,025.00 75% Goal Due 5/8/2022


Mar 5 2023

3:00 PM - 5:30 PM CST

Prayer Training Required

For the City Center/St. John

We'll spend time discussing the importance of prayer in preparation for the trip. As a team, we will decide how we want to hold one another accountable and join together in prayer for the months prior to our trip!

Apr 16 2023

3:00 PM - 5:30 PM CDT

Evangelism/Culture Training Required

For the City Center/St. John - Georgian Acres

May 21 2023

3:00 PM - 5:30 PM CDT

Trip Logistics and Prayer Required

For the City Center/St. John - Georgian Acres

This will be a final time of prayer together as a team and a review of the trip logistics.



  1. Word: Commit to hearing from the Word in this decision.
  2. Prayer: Commit to pray regularly about this decision asking God to give you wisdom.
  3. Community: Get advice and feedback from Godly people around you.
  4. Count the Cost: Make a list of pros and cons asking yourself which opportunity in front of you will best equip you to be a disciple who is making disciples.
  5. Trust: Based on your time in the Word, in prayer, in discussion with others who know you, and time spent counting the costs, trust God and make a decision.


  1. Have a listener heart posture.
  2. Engage with people from other cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  3. Pray for people.
  4. Prayer-walk around key ministry areas.
  5. Host event(s) as a team to gather people and provide space for spiritual conversations
  6. Sharing the gospel.
  7. Share testimonies of how God has moved in your life.


  1. 18 years or older
  2. Any vaccinations required by the government
  3. Each individual needs to be able to walk about to average 20,000 steps per day.
  4. Willingness to give up some American comforts


  1. Invite a friend!
  2. Begin praying for your trip!
  3. Check out your task list on your profile.


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